Please use the form below, for any new or additional Account access requirements.

It can be submitted electronically to Volkswagen Bank, but must also be accompanied by an original signed hard copy of the “Authority form” signed by an authorised signatory of the business.

If you require access to Cash Account or Loan Management please contact Volkswagen Bank directly.


Authority form

Once you have completed the online application form, please click on the link below to download the authority form. The form must be signed by an Authorised signatory of the business which must be a Statutory Director or Company Secretary. Upon completion post to Volkswagen Bank HQ immediately.

Authority Form application/pdf 75.2 KB

Direct Debit Mandate form

To be completed if you are a new Retailer or recently changed your High Street Bank details. Please ensure you complete all fields and sign the mandate. Upon completion post to Volkswagen Bank HQ immediately.

Direct Debit Mandate Form application/pdf 58 KB

Password Reset Request form

Please send us this form in all cases to have users passwords reset. password resets cannot be authorised over the telephone or via email.

Password Reset Request Form application/pdf 9.2 KB

Board Resolution and Authorised Persons Signatures form

This form must be completed by your outlets Board of Management and sent to Volkswagen Bank. This is to ensure that they have nominated specific authorised people to act on your outlets behalf. Once your Board of Management have agreed the persons who are able to act on your outlets behalf, please complete the Board Resolution and Authorised Signatory Mandate and when fully completed, send the original document to Volkswagen Bank.

Board Resolution and Authorised Persons Signatures Form application/pdf 30.5 KB


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